About Us

Rogue Valley

The beautiful and scenic Rogue Valley, as seen from Roxy Ann Trail.

A little something about us…

We began making soap many years ago and found that sourcing materials required a considerable amount of time and research as they are not always available to the end consumer and many of the suppliers rarely met our standards of quality. In February of 2008 we created Saharas Supplies on Etsy (saharassupplies.etsy.com) in order to provide the soap making community the tools and supplies they needed. As we expanded, we created Supply Emporium.

Soap Making is just one of our passions, and we’ve been branching out into a number of other avenues. Most¬†recently we’ve expanded to include kitchen and food items such as tea and spices as well as¬†provisions for organizing and decorating events.

Located in beautiful Southern Oregon, we continue to expand and strive to provide the best quality and largest selection of supplies at great prices.

We still love making soap… You can find us at Soap Dreams at shopsoapdreams.com!