Handmade Gifts are the Greatest Gifts of All!

Handmade Gifts are the Greatest Gifts of All!

Red Gift Box
Looking for ideas on gifts to make for your friends, family and colleagues?
Sure, it’s easy to give them a gift card or basket of summer sausage and trial-sized boxes of mail order foods, but the thought, care and effort put into a handmade gift is much more personal and shows that you’ve put a bit of yourself into your offering rather than just buying something.

Cocoa Bomb Bath Bomb Kit

The Cocoa Bomb Moisturizing Bath Bomb Kit is a great project to do with kids!


Bath and body care products are always a hit.

Consider making bath bombs or bubble bars for the bath fan, or perhaps a fragrant lotion or lip butter. A gift for crafty kids? Check out out Cocoa Bomb bath bomb kit and share the joy of making things together!


Gloss Mod Podge 8 oz.

Gloss Mod Podge is perfect for preserving a collage.


Looking for a unique way to capture that special moment you shared?
Make a collage or a diorama to enshrine it forever. Our craft items are perfect for expressing yourself in new and creative ways. They’re great for school projects too!


Fossil Fuel Cupcake Mold

The Fossil Fuel Cupcake Mold makes fun baked treats for your favorite paleontologist!


Need something for the foodie in your life?
We have a large assortment of teas and spices to make a perfectly tailored kit, sure to be used time and time again. We also have an amazing selection of molds to help you make fun candies, chocolates and baked goods, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Eco Friendly Confetti

Our Eco Friendly Confetti is festive and environmentally friendly!


Throwing a party?
Check out our Wedding and Party section. We have unique decor, cute favors and more to assist you in making your event a resounding success.


At Supply Emporium, we want to have the opportunity to provide what you need to express yourself artistically and entertain like a pro.
It’s our goal to become the one-stop shop for the things you need for your hobbies and passions. If you’re looking for something and don’t see it, let us know. We’re always looking for great products! Thank you for taking the time to see what we have to offer. May you be successful in all your endeavors!

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Fragrance Oils, Flavor Oils, Flavor Extracts and Essential Oils

Many people, especially when first embarking on their first handmade bath and body product adventure, are confused as to the differences between fragrance oils, flavor oils, flavor extracts and essential oils. It’s not a very complicated subject but the names can be a bit misleading.

Fragrance Oils
Fragrance oils are synthetic and often able to capture a wide range of scents. While they may contain some natural ingredients, they are primarily not derived from nature and are generally not suitable for use in items that may be ingested, even accidentally (like lip balm.)

Flavor Oils
Flavor Oils, like fragrance oils, are often derived from synthetic processes, however the name is a bit of a misnomer as they aren’t really flavored, but rather are fragrances that are safe to ingest, such as those used in making lip balms. The oil is typically combined with a sweetener, as flavor is really a combination of the basic taste sensations (sweet, sour, bitter, salt and umami), texture, temperature and scent; scent being the most defining portion of any taste. Ingestion of a larger quantity is not recommended and one wouldn’t typically use flavor oils as a flavor additive in food items.

Flavor Extracts
Flavor extracts are extracts typically from natural sources, although not always. Many times they are diluted forms of an essential oil that is safe to ingest. They are intended to impart a fuller flavor component to baking, cooking and beverages. They are formulated to withstand high heat with minimal breakdown to impart the desired flavor even after cooking.

Essential oils
Essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from nature (plants, flowers, seeds) which carry the scent and beneficial properties of that particular plant. As such they are not always safe for consumption or application to skin. One should thoroughly research any essential oil they intend on using as it can be highly dangerous to work with many of the essential oils available.

Some people are sensitive to specific scents either man made or natural. Please understand that we cannot know if you may have a particular sensitivity to any of the ingredients. If you are unsure if you may have a reaction we suggest you do further research on that fragrance before using it.

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