Bee Balm Essential Oil
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  • Bee Balm Essential Oil

Bee Balm Essential Oil

Bee Balm Essential Oil (Monarda fistulosa l.) Bee Balm (or Beebalm), also known as Wild Bergamot. Steam distilled from the flowers, producing an essential oil of exceptional quality.

Known as an antiseptic and anti-viral agent, for gas relief, as a diaphoretic (promotes sweating), a diuretic and stimulant. Traditionally used for colds, catarrh, headaches, and gastric disorders, to reduce low fevers and soothe sore throat, to relieve flatulence, nausea, menstrual pain, and insomnia.

Good for use in lotions meant for soothing irritated skin and as a natural deodorant. in aromatherapy, it is considered calming and uplifting, reducing anxiety and depression.

Origin: Oregon, USA

Essential Oils are useful in the practice of aromatherapy. Essential oil is not actually an “oil” in the traditional sense of the word. Essential Oils are all natural products derived from the plant (bark, flower, fruit, leaves, root). They can deliver positive benefits to the body. Benefits of essential oil include soothing, calming, stimulating, refreshing, centering, and warming to the system. They are sourced from all over the world and are in their purest state, they are extremely potent, and should never be used directly on the skin, as the essential oil may cause irritation.

Listing is for one ounce in a glass amber bottle with dropper

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