Flower Seed Paper Making Kit
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  • Flower Seed Paper Making Kit

Flower Seed Paper Making Kit

Flower Seed Paper Making Kit. Paper making activity set ‘Seed Paper’ is paper you make with seeds in it. Plant the paper, watch it grow into flowers!

Kit includes pulp, seeds and craft supplies to make ‘seed paper’ for 4 jumbo cards and 2 giant flowers. Includes tags with planting instructions to attach to finished projects. Simple, clear directions; no blender needed. Ages 6 & up Flower paper making tool, seeds, paper pulp, 6 tissue tints, 6 bright color heavyweight papers, 6 paper leaves, 6 tags with planting instructions, 4 print papers, 4 jumbo envelopes, 2 wood dowels, glitter glue and instructions.

You Will Also Need:
Empty 16 oz sport drink or water bottle
Bowl, 4″ wide
Kitchen terry towel