French Lavender Essential Oil
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  • French Lavender Essential Oil

French Lavender Essential Oil

French Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula hybrida) Floral, herbaceous, fresh aroma. Lavender offers a multitude of benefits and uses. A must for relaxing and calming. Not only is Lavender Essential Oil energizing or relaxing, but balancing. The scent will rejuvenate and inspire a tired person and relax, soothe and slow down someone who is stressed or tense. Apply a few drops to a tissue and inhale or place on your pillow for a restful sleep. Add 5 drops to a hot bath for a blissful retreat. Add a few drops to your laundry rinse, your drawers, and the water reservoir of your iron for fresh smelling laundry. Imported from France.

Essential Oils are useful in the practice of aromatherapy. Essential oil is not actually an “oil” in the traditional sense of the word. Essential Oils are all natural products derived from the plant (bark, flower, fruit, leaves, root). They can deliver positive benefits to the body. Benefits of essential oil include soothing, calming, stimulating, refreshing, centering, and warming to the system. They are sourced from all over the world and are in their purest state, they are extremely potent, and should never be used directly on the skin, as the essential oil may cause irritation.

Listing is for one ounce in a glass amber bottle with dropper.