The Lip Balm Factory

The Lip Balm Factory

You’re going to love The Lip Balm Factory moisturizing lip balm kit! This kit comes with our own formulation of lip balm base and everything you need to make rich, moisturizing lip balms at home. Make silky, moisturizing lip balms for a fraction of the cost. Add additional flavorants and/or colorants to make it your own, unique creation.

This kit can produce approximately 40 tubes containing .15oz of lip balm each. Note level of fill can have an effect upon the yield.

Package includes:
1 Oval lip balm filling tray (tray color may vary)
40 Oval lip balm tubes
40 Oval lip balm caps
1 scraper
2 pipettes
1 bottle flavor oil
1 bottle sweetener
1 bag lip balm base
Instructional sheet

Ingredients: Beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, flavor oil, sweetener.

You can easily re-use this kit with our Lip Balm Base, Lip Balm Tubes, flavor oils and additives.

Please indicate the flavor oil you want included. You can choose one of any of the flavor oils we carry, subject to availability. Click HERE for a link to our flavor oil selection (opens in a new window)

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